This shows the reflection of the light in the middle of the room, a bit brighter than real life thanks to a slow shutter speed. They don’t need to be built very solidly just to stop atmospheric pressure from crushing them outright, but if you want to make sure they won’t implode spectacularly when they’re scratched and then dropped, you have to engineer in a big safety margin. Because a rectangular pixel grid doesn’t map cleanly onto a tessellated-triangles dot triad pattern, you need about 1. Just because the front of a monitor is flat doesn’t mean that the actual picture-generating phosphor-coated inside of the front glass is flat, too. There are, of course, any number of dirt cheap 15 inch monitors out there.

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Please enjoy syncmaster 753df hernia. Then there’s another reflection, presumably from the phosphor layer on the other side of the glass.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF 17″ CRT Monitor

You’ll have travelled 0. This 753xf a premium most people are willing to pay. Though, again, there’s really not a huge amount of difference between a truly flat screen and syncmaster 753df slightly curved one.

Mind you, these syncmaster 753df also have to crank up their system font sizes so they can read the names of icons. That extra room makes a difference, and I don’t have any reflection problems, and the SyncMaster SL is only gently curved and doesn’t create enough image distortion for me to care.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF Manuals

Monitor glass is “leaded” – lead oxide’s 753sf to the molten glass in place of the calcium oxide used in ordinary soda-lime glass. For this reason, the phosphor side of the DynaFlat tube isn’t flat. This syncmaster 753df because of the refractive index of the glass – the amount it bends light, when that light enters or leaves the glass at an angle to the interface between the glass and the air. Syncmaster 753df syncmasger the “DynaFlat” tube in the DF as being “infinitely flat”, which is a claim I’d like to see backed up by electromicrographs of the, presumably, indivisible subatomic infinite-frequency syncmaster 753df of which the tube must be made.

The square on the hypotenuse, and all that.

Samsung SyncMaster DF 17″ CRT Monitor | eBay

There’s a trace of blotchiness in the DF’s screen, too. Chances are that your video drivers won’t let syncmaster 753df use 65Hz anyway. CRT glass has to be quite thick, because monitors are great big vacuum tubes.

It’s a natural-colour reflection, but it’s heavily diffused syncmaster 753df it’s only a sharp reflection if whatever it’s reflecting is practically touching the surface of the monitor.

Refraction’s what makes a saucepan full of water look shallower than it is, when you look at it from an angle. Other specs The DF weighs To see why it is a trick, consider this close-up shot of the screen in by mode, syncmaster 753df a standard 11 by 19 pixel Windows mouse pointer against a white background.

Samsung SyncMaster DF – CRT monitor – 17″ Overview – CNET

The syndmaster, syncmaster 753df design is isn’t a bad compromise, by the way, syncmaster 753df if the back curvature is enough that the “flat” monitor’s image doesn’t look any flatter than that of a plain curved-front monitor. Shame about the flicker. It’s got an integrated normal 15 pin D-sub video lead.

It’s most obvious when you’re scrolling text on a white background, and the text moves but the slight unevennesses in the background don’t. So if you load up a mostly-black test pattern and perfectly adjust your monitor so the outer border line hits the edge of the screen as immaculately as you can manage, and then go back to looking at a mostly-white word processor screen, you’ll discover that the image has expanded enough syncmaster 753df half of the close box in the top right corner syncmaster 753df your program window has fallen off the edge of the syncmaster 753df area.

Certainly, compared with the “bubble” appearance of older screens, modern truly-flat displays syncmaster 753df are very impressive.

Half of the triads point up, and the other half point down. The DF syncmaster 753df have a serious size-stability problem.

And it doesn’t, syncmaster 753df far as sharpness goes. Lots of 17 inch monitors can display ridiculous resolutions. Just because the front of a monitor is flat doesn’t mean that the actual picture-generating phosphor-coated inside of the front syncmaster 753df is flat, too.

Which means lots of glass. The DF’s user interface has its quirks. The brighter the screen image is overall, the bigger the display syncmaster 753df.

syncmaster 753df Every set of a red, a green and a blue dot – you need all three to be able to display all colours – is an equilateral triangle. The DF, like every other non-professional monitor I’ve seen, doesn’t hold a constant screen size for all images. But these small screens, with roughly a 14 inch diagonal viewable syncmaster 753df, are really too poky for a computer syncmaster 753df be staring at all day.