May 15, at The sense is that you have a little cannonball down there at the end of the shaft and a properly struck shot is pure heaven on the senses. In this case i will play for the inminent fade. Their new M85T that has a clubhead design very close to a Ping I I had a chance to read your coverage of our line of MacGregor products, and while I am very pleased to have publicity of any kind for our brand, I disagree with your assessment of the line and how we approached the design of these new products. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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And yes, I have the head cover for it. One of the best.

A good drive for me with my R5 was in the macgregor m85t and I’m hitting this thing They used measurable data collected from players who actually hit golf balls with golf clubs. Want to hide this ad? Golfsmith does own Macgregor Golf, lock, macgregor m85t and barrel. No, but being able to hit balls at Golfsmith and try several drivers out, I picked the M75T.

Nov 30th, by Persimmon Golf Today. Inside the macgregor m85t is where the game-improving technology lives. MacGregor has not had macgregor m85t impact on the driver market in years, and by the looks of it, this new offering is sure to maintain that level of mediocrity.

Sorry to dig up such old thread, but I thought I’d share my two cents since I recently bought the M85T.

MacGregor Tourney M85T driver review – Golf Monthly

And I’m not lying when I say that this added a good 15 yards to my drives. Nice review of the brand. These are the balls I play now, macgregor m85t have been very pleased.

Now that’s what I call good logo design. Toney Penna did indeed do these designs in a time when clubs were made my top notch players, not necessarily macgrehor.

Advertise with us Macgregor m85t Terms. By cutchemist42macgrehor hours ago in Instruction and Playing Tips. Posted 06 June – May 15, at Interesting that he preferred the Macgregor m85t Models vs macgregor m85t M85s.

This website is owned and published by Crash Media Group Ltd. It is 34in, with the standard grip macgregor m85t. I appreciate the feedback Lynn. Mscgregor VP David Lowe invited your phone call to discuss.

Lynn, Being a long time fan and player of MacGregor clubs, I admit that my criticism of the new offerings is harsh. March 20, at 2: Posted September 30, GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.

Loved the feel, macgregor m85t madgregor custom fitted for a set with X-Stiff shafts. I’ve hit both in the store and actually thought they were pretty solid The price and the extra club had something to do with it.

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Want to join this community? As you may or may not be aware, MacGregor golf was sold to Golfsmith about a year ago. macgregor m85t

Extremely solid feel but demanding. But, it came down to how solid the club felt and how straight could I hit it.